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Shenzhen Ovaper Tech Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Ovaper Tech Co., Ltd was established in 2018, a professional provider of THC/CBD flower/edible/concentrates packaging and vaping hardware, and specialized in products related to grow cannabis farm. we do customized packaging such as pre-roll tubes, child-resistant box, mylar bags for edibles and flowers. We also produce agricultural grow supplies like trellis netting, mulch films,and weed barrier mat with high quality and door to door competitive price. Especially in producing PCR(post consumer recycle) and eco-friendly bio-degradable materials applied in packaging and agricultural supplies. Being honest in business, concentrate to product quality, reasonable price and fast delivery are the key to gain more and more repeated customers year by year. Just keep being high efficiency,professional and responsible to be your reliable partner.
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Why Choose US ?
ODM/OEM Experience

Over 6years’ ODM/OEM professional experience in design and manufacturing, provide feasible solution, avoid future risks, turn your ambitious ideas into reality.

Quality& Best Door to Door Price

Full inspection of all products, 100% complete quality control. Direct factory cost with door to door service, expert ability dealing with importing customs of destination countries. No bothering of documents for importing customs clearance.

Regulation Compliance

Well-equipped factories with ISO9001, CE, ROHS, UL certified, adopt eco-friendly, food grade material, Child resistant structure, tamper proof design. Passed heavy metal test.

Send Inquiry

For inquiries about Pre Roll Packaging, Mylar Bags, Biodegradable Mulch Film or price list, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 10 hours.

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