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Weed Control Fabric
  • Weed Control FabricWeed Control Fabric
  • Weed Control FabricWeed Control Fabric
  • Weed Control FabricWeed Control Fabric
  • Weed Control FabricWeed Control Fabric
  • Weed Control FabricWeed Control Fabric

Weed Control Fabric

As a Chinese original manufacturer of weed control fabric, with 6 years of experience of research, developing and producing, Ovaper focus on high quality and environmental friendly products, only provide wholesale and bulk rolls of ground mat with lowest door to door price and customization branding options. Biodegradable weed control fabric is also available.

Wholesale Door to Door Pricing Estimate: $0.05-$0.4/sqm. MOQ 5000sqm
Price varies based on quantity and measurements
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1, Anti-grass: inhibit the growth of weeds, covered with black anti-grass film, weeds germinate because they can not see light, photosynthesis is inhibited, will die, the effect is very good.
2, Adjust the ground temperature: laying weed control fabric in winter has the effect of increasing the ground temperature, and laying in summer can effectively reduce the ground temperature, especially for the growth of summer crops.
3, Keep the soil moist: after the ground is covered with mulch, it can inhibit water evaporation, maintain a certain soil temperature, and reduce the number of watering.
4, Keep the soil loose: after the ground is covered with film, the soil layer under the film always remains loose, no hardening phenomenon.
5, Rainy season water logging prevention: in the rainy season can prevent rainwater accumulation. A large amount of rain can form runoff, prevent local water logging, affecting fruit quality.
6, Improve soil nutrition: weed control fabric coverage can increase ground temperature, stabilize soil moisture, and create good conditions for soil microbial activities, thereby accelerating the decomposition of soil organic matter and increasing soil nutrient content.
7, Prevent and reduce the harm of pests and diseases: After the grass cloth is covered with mulch, it can prevent many pests from being unearthed in the soil under the tree, prevent and reduce the propagation and infection of the bacteria that harm the fruit tree in the soil, so as to prevent and reduce the occurrence and development of diseases and pests.

Ovaper Weed Control Fabric features and application

Light transmission: <0.5%
With lines for planting accurately
Application: agricultural, garden, pathways, hemp farm, cannabis farm,indoor and outdoor
Delivery:7-25days depending on quantity.
In the purchase of weed control fabric, it is important to know a few points:
1, Appearance selection method: One side of the authentic weed control fabric is smooth and the other side has raised lines.
2, Production date selection method: Due to the biodegradability factors of weed control fabric, genuine weed control fabric must be produced now, there is no stock, the production date of the next year.
3, Weight selection method: genuine weed control fabric one year warranty of 45 grams per square, two years warranty of 55 grams, three years warranty of 75 grams, usually we produce 100g, 110g, 120g. you can according to this method to test the good and bad quality weed control fabric.

Ovaper Weed Control Fabric details

Product weed control fabric, landscape barrier mat, ground cover mat
Material PP woven UV:2-5years
Color transparent/white/yellow/green/black available for customization
GSM g/sqm 70g-210g, available for customization
Width 0.5m-5m, available for customization
Length 100m-4000m/roll,available for customization
Package Roll packing bag with customized label
MOQ 5000sqm
Production capability 500 tons/month

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