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Cannabis Trellis Netting
  • Cannabis Trellis NettingCannabis Trellis Netting
  • Cannabis Trellis NettingCannabis Trellis Netting
  • Cannabis Trellis NettingCannabis Trellis Netting
  • Cannabis Trellis NettingCannabis Trellis Netting

Cannabis Trellis Netting

Ovaper is Chinese manufacturer who can provide great trellis net to crops with cheap cost and best service. Besides trellis nets for climbing plans, Cannabis or marijuana plants also require support from trellis netting to grow well, especially for cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. We provides best door to door price of cannabis trellis netting, and only wholesale business or bulk purchasing available.

Wholesale Door to Door Pricing Estimate: $0.06-$0.3/sqm. MOQ1000sqm
Price varies based on quantity and customization options
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Our cannabis trellis netting provides grid structure to support cannabis plants in greenhouse or outdoor hemp farms or marijuana farms. If you have big area of cannabis or hemp plants to cover, our bulk rolls of cannabis trellis netting can lower your cost significant.The hole size of mesh usually can be 4”*4” or 5”*5” depending on customers’ plants, to protect your cannabis buds from damage through abrasion.

Ovaper Cannabis Trellis netting features and application

In trellis netting for climbing plants industry, now only we have qualified machine to produce trellis net in width 4m, usually most common garden trellis net factory can only produce 2.5m width mostly, it is our advantage to produce wider trellis netting for larger range of agricultural application. More over, our trellis can be reused year after year,easy to install, dismantle and store.
Application: plants, fruits, vegetables, cannabis growing, hemp growing, marijuana growing
Delivery:7-25days depending on quantity.

Ovaper Cannabis Trellis netting details

Product Cannabis Trellis netting, garden trellis netting,trellis cannabis,plant support netting
Material PE, PP +UV Stabilized
Color transparent/white/yellow/green/black available for customization
GSM g/sqm 8g, 9g, 10g 11g 12g,available for customization
Width 1m-4m, available for customization
Thickness 10mic-60mic,available for customization
Length 100m-1000m/roll,available for customization
Package Roll packing bag with customized label
MOQ 1000sqm
Production capability 500 tons/month

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