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Mulch Film for Hemp
  • Mulch Film for HempMulch Film for Hemp
  • Mulch Film for HempMulch Film for Hemp
  • Mulch Film for HempMulch Film for Hemp
  • Mulch Film for HempMulch Film for Hemp
  • Mulch Film for HempMulch Film for Hemp

Mulch Film for Hemp

As large agricultural mulch manufacturer in china, we can produce Mulch Film for Hemp in many different sizes by different customization requirements, depending on the type of plants that is going to be cultivated. For hemp, different areas require different mulch films, for soil temperature and humidity control and weed issues. As usual, best door to door price rate, only wholesale business available.

Wholesale Door to Door Pricing Estimate: $0.15-$0.4/sqm. MOQ10000sqm
Price varies based on quantity and customization options
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Biodegradable mulch film has all basic functionalities such as weed control, reduce soil water loss, soil temperature moderation, increase yield, improve crop quality, and shorten harvest time. We developed this product to use as a natural replacement which is produced of PBAT, a bio-plastic raw material which is certified as biodegradable and compostable. it is not just regular agricultural mulch film, the black and black&white films can be used as mulch film for hemp or cannabis plants.

Ovaper Biodegradable mulch film features and application

Mulch Film for Hemp is widely used in hydroponic growing system, grow room, light deprivation greenhouse, hemp farm, cannabis growing field and so on, it is natural and biodegrades between 4 - 8 months Delivery:7-25days depending on quantity.

Ovaper Biodegradable mulch film details

Product Agricultural biodegradable mulch film
Material PBAT, 100% virgin LDPE/LLDPE with UV treated,LDPE 3 layer co-extrusion compound, added special additive to improve the function.
Color transparent/black/white/silver
Width 0.5m-5m
Thickness 10mic-60mic
Length 50m,100m,150m ,200m,300m,400m, 500m,1000m, 2000m, etc
Package Roll packing
MOQ 10000sqm
Production capability 500 tons/month

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